Sunday, 26 January 2014

Review: Color Me Pretty lip and cheek Palette - Stila

For my birthday I asked Jon for a few things as he needed a little list.  One of the main products I mentioned to him was a Stila palette consisting of 3 convertible colours.  When it came to my birthday and I excitedly opened the Space NK package I was pleasantly surprised to see a different but very similar palette - the Stila, color me pretty lip and cheek palette.  Jon said that they had run out of the other product and he spent time with the sales assistant finding another product which matched to the one I had requested.  I have to say I think this palette is better (so good work Jon!).


I had wanted to try the Stila convertible shades for a while, but at £16 a pop I had never taken the plunge.  These palettes are a much more purse friendly way to have the convertible shades as you can have 3 (the first palette I mentioned) or 5 (this palette) shades for between £19 and £23.  I thought this was a good way to try them out and the packaging would be more portable.

The Color me pretty palette is larger but has 5, smaller colours all in a range of shades and all the shades are beautiful.  This palette contains Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose and Petunia.  I love every single colour and can use them for a range of looks.  I haven't tried them on my lips yet but they are amazing on my cheeks.

Blended in.
I like cream cheek products at the moment as I feel they last longer on my skin and so this is perfect.  The shades are super pigmented, I have to dab a lot on my hand before applying to the cheeks, as the first time I tried it I ended up with so much on my face!  They blend well into the skin but still provide a great colour.  I use my real technique stippling brush as I feel I can control the product a little more. 

I'm really impressed and happy with this product and love every colour.  Have you tried the palette yet? What are your thoughts?

Jen xx    

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Glamshine Stain Splash - L'oreal

Christmas time is always dangerous when you are browsing the shops for gifts and come across things that you might like, this happened when I was in boots.  I went for gifts and general toiletries that I needed to repurchase and found myself perusing the beauty aisles.  Previously I had bought one of the L'oreal Glamshine Stain Splashes in 'Princess' when I was buying my mum some gifts and it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug. 

'Princess' is an orange tone shade which, depending on application and the layers you apply, can be a subtle orange tint or a more intense orange.  I have really been enjoying this shade and product, it applys easily, hydrates my lips and lasts on the lips well.  They can be applied lightly - one layer - for a subtle colour (as below) or reapplied to create a deeper, richer colour/glossy stain.  After a while the glossy finish fades but it leaves behind a stain of the colour - evidence on my hands after swatching!!


As I loved the product so much I was keen to look at the other shades.  I have found that some of the lipsticks I currently have are not hydrating for my already chapped lips and don't last as long when I eat/go out for the evening.  I had read reviews before about these lipglosses/stains when they were first launched as many bloggers compared them to the YSL (owned by L'oreal) glossy stains.  I don't own any of the glossy stains so cannot comment on that aspect but the colour, application and lasting power all get big ticks from me! 
I decided to go for the bolder colours 'Milady' a deep but bright purple and 'Juliet' a shiny red, as I prefer bold colours in these finishes and formulas. 

Princess, Juilet and Milady



I really rate these products, they are an easier and more practical way of wearing bolder colours especially when you have chapped lips like me!  When I bought them they were £7.99 in Boots, they don't have the largest range of colours but I am very happy with the ones I have.  I wore 'Juliet' on Christmas Day and was able to wear it for a good few hours before the shine faded and the colour stain was on my lips all day with one top up late in the afternoon!

Have you tried the the L'oreal Glamshine Stain Splash? What do you think of them?

Jen xx

Monday, 6 January 2014

Yankee Candle - a cheaper option?

I love a good Yankee Candle, don't most people?  Beautiful jars and scents but for me a rather hefty and not so beautiful price tag!  To be fair they are not the most expensive out there, some can be £50 right(?) and I'm not saying that Yankee candles are over priced, but for me I am not willing to pay £18 for a candle, I'd rather spend that on clothes or make-up or a meal out!  They are probabaly great value for the burning time and size of the candles, however I like to get my Yankee candle joy in a different form than the glass jars - the 'Tart Wax Melts'. 

The 'Tart Wax Melts' are designed to go in a Tart Warmer (what a flattering name!).  They sit ontop and then the heat from a tealight melts the Wax and releases the scent. 

I enjoy this way of burning Yankee Candles as it means that I can switch up the scents more often depending on my mood and they are easier to store than a large jar/several jars.  I bought my Tart Warmer over a year ago, I believe it was £12 from a local Hallmark store (gift and card shop).  I chose this one as it had a pretty pattern in colours I liked and I thought that because it is glass I would still be able to get a glow from the candle.  They do lots of other fantastic designs too.   

I have a lot of the 'Tart Wax Melts' they seem to pile up around my birthday and Christmas time as my mum always buys me new scents.  They are just chunks of wax which can buy for between 70p-£1.25.  After they melt they turn into hemispheres, these can be popped out of the Tart Warmer and stored for later use.  I have lots of burned 'Tart Wax Melts' which I keep for future use, when I fancy that scent again and they still retain the scent even after they have been melted and cooled several times, something which I like about this method.  

Any vanilla scents are my favourite but as with all candles I steer clear from the spicy scents, especially cinnamon - Ataste and scent I am really not fond of. 

When I burn candles I do enjoy the glowing aspect of the flame as it is relaxing and romantic, something which lacks from this method but I can always burn non-scented candles to create that effect.  I'm pretty sure this method is a cheaper version but I know for some (who are willing to pay the price of the jars) they will prefer the traditional burning of candles.  It's just a different and definitely not new alternative. 

Doyou use this method?

Jen xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Review - Una Brennan Daily Brightening Cleanser

Super facialist is a skin care range by Una Brennan. It was Kate from gh0stparties that got me into this brand as she talked about it on her YouTube as a brand that has good skin care but is also affordable.

I have to say I love the 'Neroli Firming Daily Brightening Cleanser' it removes my makeup really well, even eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and eyes not stinging.

Originally I tried the Rose cleanser from the same range and found that this stung my eyes a little.  I don't think it was because I used too much as the Neroli one doesn't sting my eyes, I think it may have been the rose element or possibly the different texture.  Don't get me wrong it was still a brilliant cleanser for my face and removed makeup and dirt well but since purchasing the Neroli version I have to say I definitely prefer the latter for the eye area. 

The Neroli cleanser is a clear liquid whereas the Rose version was white and creamy, both don't foam when wet but do massage well into the skin and remove make-up and generally cleanse the face well. 

I have been using this cleanser for a good month or so now and will definitely repurchase. I like the formula and texture and I find it removes makeup and dirt well and leaves my face feeling super soft.  I'm able to use it around my eyes and it removes my mascara and eyeliner (if I've used it) really well without me having to use too much.  I don't think that I have noticed any of the firming effects that it suggests but maybe I haven't been using it long enough?

Have you tried any of the Super Facialist range? What is your cleanser of choice?

Jen xx

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Empties #1 - definite repurchases

When I see empties videos or blog posts I always look for ones that have reviews of the products they use, so that it what I am going to do!

The first thing I want to say is that I loved all of these products!  I have already repurchased the L'oreal Gentle Make-Up Remover for eyes and have a back up of different scents of the Body Shop Body Butters. 

I purchased the body butters when at a Body Shop party, they had many gifts that were reduced and I think my mum even won one of the body butters in a game.  The scents we got were Blueberry, Papaya and Peach.  We weren't able to smell all of the butters but I am so happy with the ones we did get, they are delicious!  I think the fruit body butters are always delicious and juicy smelling (if that's even a thing!). 

I also love the consistency of the butters, they are smooth and thick but massage and sink into the skin well.  I didn't overload the product but my arms and legs stayed moisturised throughout the day, I could smell them on my skin for a good part of the morning but they did not hold their scent on my skin all day, perhaps they would have if I had piled it on!  I have had the Soap and Glory body butters before but much prefer the Body Shop ones.

Since having these my boyfriend bought we a mango one for my birthday which again is equally scrumptious and my brother bought me the Vitamin E and Olive versions for Christmas.

I have also really enjoyed the L'oreal Gentle Make-Up Remover for eyes.  I found that my cleanser could sting my eyes a little but if I used this product first I was able to use less of the cleanser around my eye area.  It removes my make-up well, even heavy night out eye looks, and is gentle as the name suggests.  The only downsize is the size of the product as it can be used up quite quickly. 

Have you tried any of these products, do you have favourites that you continually repurchase?

Jen xx   

Christmas Shopping - The Sales

I do enjoy a good sale and although they tend to be on in some shops all year round in one form or another the Christmas ones always seem special.  Lots of quality things are greatly discounted and it seems to extend your Christmas holiday and celebrations that little bit further!  I had a shopping list with me (something which is always beneficial) and I did well at sticking to it.  I wanted to replace some of my clothes which are a bit short for me now and which I feel I can't get away with wearing as much. I have a few smarter dresses and a going out body con skirt which are just a little too short for me to wear and feel comfortable in now. 

I started at Marks and Spencer as I had some vouchers and managed to pick up a skirt to replace my body con one.  Again it is quite tight but it comes down to my knees so not as revealing.  It has a textured pattern (crinkled material effect) and was reduced from £25 to £15 so I have some money left over from my vouchers - bonus!

I also had vouchers for New Look and went hunting in their sale.  I found some dresses which can be formal and casual, they are a soft material and the two I bought are a purple and green shade.  I can't find the exact dress on the website but this I did find the Petite version of it in an orange colour.  I paid £11 for my dresses each, they used to be £19.99 (still a great price).  They also both came with a black belt with a gold rectangle as a buckle. 

On that same shopping trip I picked up a cardigan from Select (I can't find it online), it is more of a structured cardigan and has a bobbly texture with a few sequins sewn in at various points so it shimmers.  I thought this would look good for nights or meals out as it is a little smarter and fancier than other cardigans I have. 

On another trip I mananged to pick up two more dresses which are longer and can be worn with tights or on their own in the summer.  Both were £10 and from a shop in my local shopping centre.  I wanted a black dress to replace another shorter one I have and I liked the colour and pattern of the other dress as it goes away from my normal black/plain attire and they are both soft and smooth.

In another local shop I also picked up some bits that weren't necessary on my list, but I couldn't resist picking them up.  The black top is perfect for going out and offers extra texture to an all black outfit, it has a plain black material on the back but I am happy with that.  This was reduced to £9.99.  The grey jumper was also reduced to £9.99.  It is an over-sized slouchy soft jumper with pretty lace-like detailing on the chest area. 


I also picked up a clutch from Accessorise, which was reduced to £7.50.  I was looking for a statement clutch that would brighten up/add something to a black outfit which I do tend to go for for night outs.  I saw some lovely ones in Coast (and ideally I was looking for a box/hard clutch) but they were still expensive so when I saw this one it was more subtle but still what I was looking for.

I also picked up some body butters in the Body Shop sale as they were £5 each. greatly reduced from their usual £13.  I picked up 2 of the Papaya, as I love this one and then also thought I would try Vanilla Bliss and Passion fruit. 

Have you ventured into the sales and picked up some good finds?

Jen xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas and New Year joys

So I am very late wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year. Sorry! This is due to the fact that I have been travelling around for Christmas visiting family in Essex and Jon and his family in Birmingham. I have had a fantastic Christmas (technically my break isn't over yet as we go back to school on Monday but the children aren't in until Tuesday).  I really don't want this holiday to be over, it's been lovely!


Christmas Day was as traditional as ever, with just my dad, mum, brother and I at home to celebrate. We opened gifts, had a delicious brunch, played card and board games and then helped prepare the main food (although mum did most of the work).  We went all out with our food it was brilliant! Later on we watched some tv and then went to my friends for the evening where again we played games and swooned over their dog - a beautiful Cockerpoo!
Since I can remember Boxing Day has always been a time whe we go to our cousins house in Essex. We play games, catch up (as it isn't often we get to see them) and again eat and eat and eat and swoon over their dogs! The next day we take the dogs and ourselves for a long walk, this time along the beach, it was beautiful but freezing! 

On the 29th I travelled to Birmingham to see Jon and his family. It was lovely to see them all. Again we played games (can you spot a pattern here?) and celebrated Jon's mum's 60th birthday. We went to  beautiful country pub on the way to Coventry, it was in a stunning setting and the food was delicious.

For New Years Jon and I went out for dinner and then watched a film at his house.  I'm quite happy to have a chilled out NYE which was exactly what we did. We went to the bull ring as I wanted to go to Selfridges to pick up some makeup(!) and then went to Piccolinos for food and cocktails. We were going to go to the cinema but the times weren't right for getting trains back so we headed home and watched 'Zero Dark Thirty' before celebrating the new year with Jon's parents. 

I was very lucky with the gifts I received and as I travelled around it was like I had three Christmases! I hope you all had fantastic holidays whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Most importantly I hope you got time to spend with your loved ones and relax! 

Jen xx